Project Description

About Ángel Palacios

“It’s not how perfect the work is that makes it great, but the flaws and errors thatyou see in the work that gives you an appreciation for technique.” This is my selfmade motto that I live by when creating any art. I take this to heart as in my workI domy best to use original techniques and make every piece stand out all thewhile being significant to my own mind. I am constantly changing my creativeprocess and creating new techniques to finish out my work. Each of my piecesare far more complicated than what they seem. In each work of art are multiplelayers of work and techniques used that one can only come to appreciate whenfully taking in my creations. Behind every finished piece are multiple works of art.Although alone these pieces feel incomplete and unwhole, when put togetherthey come to create one beautiful sophisticated work of art. I want nothing morethan to be recognized for my originality in technique and for people to admire myartwork as much as I do. Thank you