Project Description

About April Lavely

April is a Colorado Springs native, wife and momma of two small children. She creates with everything from inks to digital, carving to painting. Her work has been featured in galleries and even in a children’s book by Ahriana Platten called, The Changing Story.

Recently, April has written and illustrated her own children’s book which she hopes will be published in the near future. You can find more of April’s work in her website and follow her on Instagram @foxandthetoad

Getting to know April

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

At a very young age. I remember sitting at my school desk with a fresh white sheet of paper before me. I can recall to this day the excitement that churned in my soul. I didn’t know then that I wanted to be a professional artist but it is a fond memory that inspired my path.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t an artist?

I was a hairstylist for many years before I was an artist and I was not fulfilled. I felt a call and it took a long time for me to finally answer my calling.

Have you found any other artists on Squinkbox whose work you admire?

Oh my goodness, yes. I’m a huge fan of Molly McClure’s work. Carolina Perez Sirabo too! But there’s many that I admire!

What advice could you give to young artists starting out?

My journey to find my style was one of the most heart wrenching torture I’ve endured. This is because I didn’t give myself grace and compassion. I wish I could’ve told myself to just keep going and do what YOU like not what you see artists doing on Instagram; their work has been done and yours hasn’t.

What project are you currently working on?

I’m starting school in August for Illustration! My goal is children’s literature.

What artists, writers, academics, curators and other creative thinkers have influenced your art?

I loooooove Kelly Ann Dalton, look her up on Instagram. She is brilliant.

What made you want to take part in a curated collaboration with Squinkbox?

I am all for the arts. This is a company bringing art into homes in a new exciting way. Who doesn’t want to be apart of that?

Who inspires you the most?

I am inspired by children’s art. They are fearless and draw what is in their mind not what something “looks like”

What is your greatest indulgence in life?

A good wine, a nice dinner, laughter and family. All at the same time.

Why do you love what you do?

Art is limitless, it’s freedom.