Project Description

About Carolina Pérez Sirabo

The gaze is the channel of the soul, where the ink that strips my pulse seeks to persuade other eyes”

Each new beginning was mobilizing to alleviate my thinking, each work being the summary of sensations bounded on a piece of canvas. In 2015, the internal reflection, the thoughts found, and the sunset of each afternoon behind the mountains of the Andes, were my inspiration engine.

Between anxiety and inner nostalgia, those hangovers of pain, forged my first small works, and I found my art on the strokes, the ink, the contrast of black and white, and my handful of colors.

You will find me in the monochromatic strokes, traces without doubts and thought out spaces. The colors give me the vertigo that moves me, as a sensitive expression of my artistic imprint.

The intensity of each look signifies a thought from the eyes of others. The thought, which mobilized sensations, flows creating a narrative between the lines.

Graphic designer by profession, lover of drawing, photography, architecture but most of all, imagination.