Project Description

About Robin Schneider

Colorado born and raised, Robin Schneider has always had a love for nature and the outdoors. “The weather is always changing and makes for the best one-of-a-kind moments, as though it was only for you. I simply try to capture that moment.” Schneider says when talking about his photography.

His work in the community is continually recognized because of his volunteering with non-profit organizations like the Haunted Mines and Just Be Colorado, and always asking “How can we…?”

Robin’s passion in his work can be seen in almost every aspect of what he does. There is an energy that is transferred from Robin when you see his smile and he gives you that amazing big bear hug! Talk with him for more than just “hello” and you will soon realize that Robin’s drive for life is genuine, and truly a gift he wants to share with you.

Although Schneider went through a life changing bout of cancer treatment, it will not define him. His legacy will be what he has done with life since then and how he documents it with his art. “I see the world differently now and I want to show it to you!”