Project Description

About Stephane Richard

I grew up in eastern New Brunswick, in the country side but also close to the ocean. In my early days of painting I would work on landscapes and seascapes. In my 20s I worked in different styles, from Pop Art to abstract to cubist style works. In my 30s I took some time off from painting altogether. Now I am returning to my roots, by being influenced by nature, in the Annapolis Valley.

Presently, I am working on finding different ways of representing nature either by realistic paintings, linocut prints or mixed media paintings, working with plaster and acrylic paints. Using different colors for the same motif in printmaking makes for different results every time a print is made. I have been using plaster and chalk paint in some of my paintings to give the work an organic feel.

I am also working on a parallel series of motifs, either in paintings or prints. Some works can look like a coat of arms, others like a collage of different motifs, stars, anchors, or fleurs de lys.

In the last year, I have been also working on abstract paintings with paint applied with a wood block.

Stephane Richard